How To Land An Interview For Your DREAM Nursing Job!

Do you feel like you've been applying to job after job because you're so hungry to get into a healthier environment snag that dream job, but you're so frustrated because you're not getting that callback that you need?

Maybe you started on med-surg as a new grad because that's what they tell you to do and now you realize that this was NOT what you signed up for and you're trying to get out ASAP, but again.....application after application submitted and NO CALL BACK.

Or Maybe.....everything on the Whole Life Nurse platform resonates so deeply within you and you've been taking steps to get out of that toxic job by applying to other less stressful gigs, but no one is calling you back!

Do any of those sound familiar?

You might be thinking things like:

"Is it my resume?"

"Did I ask for too much money on my base pay?"

"Am I not qualified enough?"

"Do my credentials just not even matter?"

"Did they call a reference before they reached out to me and they didn't say something good?"

"Maybe my current manager is holding me back?"

"Did they even GET my application?"

"I forgot to follow up or I said something wrong in my follow up?"

SO many thoughts run through your head when it comes to NOT getting that callback. Time after time you become more defeated and you just become more upset and hopeless about your situation! I'm here to release a GIANT COLD HARD TRUTH to you!

Are you ready?.....


Okay okay....they could matter....but just hear me out for a sec.

If you're applying and applying (and it doesn't matter to WHAT job you're applying for) and you KNOW that you're qualified, the reason you aren't getting the call back most likely is NOT because of any of the above. Nice resumes make an impact for sure. Experience and credentials do help. Sometimes your manager can hold you back or you may be under qualified on paper. Follow up emails help, but EVERYONE does that. Here's the deal. 9/10 times, I don't think those are the things that are holding you back. If you want different results than what most nurses get, then you have to do things that most nurses don't!

What's holding you back from getting that interview is that YOU'RE WAITING FOR THE CALLBACK!

YUP! "WAITING" is the magic word. I'm going to tell you what I mean....

.....but first I want to share with you a few stories in my career & journey as a nurse:

Flash back to when I was in nursing school in the 18th century (jk, it was just 9 years ago), I got rejected from my first choice Nursing Program at Florida State University. I was so confused and so....pissed. I didn't cry because I had worked my tail off to get the grades I did, but I was so mad because I wanted to know why I didn't get accepted. Most people who get rejected from things have their heart broken. They cry. They sulk. Then they hermit for a few weeks until they figure out what they're going to do with life.

Not me.

I wanted an answer. I worked really hard and wanted to know why I didn't get in. So what does a rejected hardworking and passionate pre-nursing student do? She marches her butt up to the College of Nursing to speak with the Dean herself! Yup! I walked in and went right up to the secretary's desk. I told her I wanted to speak to the Dean of Nursing. She asked if I had an appointment. I told her no. She looked at me and told me that I needed to make an appointment to meet with the dean. I looked at her and said, "Can you call her and see if she's available, this is important." She looked at me kind of funny and picked up the phone.

The Dean was willing to see me!

I walked into the Deans office (now mind you FSU is a HUGE college)! This wasn't really something you should do or people did, but I wanted answers. To make a long story short, I sat down with the Dean and when she realized this conversation was going to last a while, she actually invited me to lunch to finish. YES, the DEAN of FSU's Nursing program took me to lunch.

We talked about me getting rejected and she explained the process of how everything worked. Basically, my 3.8 GPA wasn't going to cut it with an average admission GPA that semester of 4.1. I started to get upset and just expressed my desire to be a part of the nursing program and pursue my dream as a nurse. When we got to the end of our very insightful conversation, she commended me for being vulnerable and reaching out to meet with her. She told me that she was going to make some phone calls on my behalf to the local Community College in town who had an incredible nursing program. By me taking the initiative and connecting with the Dean of FSU, it got me put on the "late list" at the local CC program and ultimately ACCEPTED!

I didn't have to wait another year to reapply at FSU. I could start at the community college program that very next month! All because I chose to be proactive, reach out, and not just sit back and wait.


Here's another story for ya:

Yup....that's me. On Dr Oz. In scrubs....with my guitar. So how did that happen?

Well....he held a competition for nurses all over the US to compete to be Dr.Oz's "show nurse."

He was looking for someone to represent nurses and help him with different series on his show. The requirements were to basically submit a minute long video or less explaining why "you" should be Dr.Oz's show nurse.

After reviewing many of the submissions from other nurses, I realized they all did the SAME thing:

"I'm kind"

"I'm passionate"

"I'm such a patient advocate."

Blah blah blah......

None of them stood out. I knew that if I was going to get chosen for this position, I was going to have to share my amazingness in a DIFFERENT way.

So I wrote a song. It was called "Choose me Dr. Oz"

It ended with the line "Dr. Oz you better pick me, cuz I'm the best nurse for TV."


After submitting my audition tape, I found the contact of one of the producers on the show and emailed my submission to her.

And guess WHAT?

I got a call back and got chosen to perform this song on National TV with Dr.Oz in scrubs representing all of the amazing nurses out there!


Do you see what I'm getting at?

Anything in life that you truly want and deserve, INCLUDING your DREAM NURSING JOB, is going to take you TAKING THE INITIATIVE and getting in front of the right person.

This doesn't happen by you just submitting an application to your Dream Nursing job and waiting.

Listen, your resume can be PERFECT, but if no one see's it, that doesn't even matter.

In this webinar, this is exactly what I am going to you HOW to get noticed and MAKE SURE your resume is SEEN!

This is MILLION dollar advice right here! Not kidding!

All of the amazing nursing jobs I've ever had were all a result of me reaching out to the RIGHT people during the application process. I NEVER sat back and just waited for the phone call.

If I did that, I'd most likely never get the call. I had to MAKE THEM see me even with a flood of applicants coming in and I HAD to stand out in the process!

And that's the deal.....

Qualified applicants are applying to your same dream job left and right. If recruiters are only pulling the first few qualified candidates to send to a manager for review, you may NEVER get seen if you let them handle it or if your timing wasn't right. It doesn't matter how fancy your resume is or how qualified you are. If you're not the BEST one that they see first, then good luck! YOU have to handle it yourself and get it in front of their eyes!


In this webinar you are going to be taught:

1. The #1 Biggest mistake nurses make in the application process that holds them back from getting the interview for their DREAM JOB!

2. The application process on the hospital end & the role of recruiters (and all about the electronic black hole - and how to get around it)!

3. How to reach out, STAND out, and get in contact with the RIGHT person who will be handling your application for your dream job.

3. The 3 different ways (this is the secret sauce) that you can get in touch with those recruiting VIP's DIRECTLY to almost GUARANTEE a call-back and interview for your dream job (because you can't find this information easily without the tricks I'm going to share).

4. How to email & get in contact with these VIP's and NAIL DOWN that DREAM JOB interview!

and if that's not enough......


On top of ALL of this training, you are going to receive FREE BONUS email & message scripts AND Cover Letter Examples to use when making these connections to nail down an interview for your dream job!!!!! I'll be sharing with you the exact people you need to be connecting with and exactly what to say! I had lots of feedback on needing script to pitch when reaching out to the VIPs in this course and I've included them for EVERY single VIP & Nurse in these scenarios:

-Seasoned Nurse

-New Grad Nurse


-Unit Managers

(That is a $75 Value for FREE!)


You will receive 2 FREE pre-written scripts to edit to send directly to the VIPS in the interview process. When it comes to reaching out to the appropriate person, this webinar will walk to step by step through this along with the help of these pre-written scripts! You just have to copy, paste, edit, and send!!

You will also get an example of one of my EPIC Cover Letter Scripts (this is a MUST to send in to your VIP)! Both you cover letter and resume need to be seen by the VIP in the interviewing process!

COVER LETTER SCRIPTS ARE WRITTEN FOR BOTH EXPERIENCED & NEW GRAD NURSES!!! SO there's a piece of the pie for all of y'all! (Yes, this includes Residency programs $30)


On top of this, you are receiving my EPIC "Non-Traditional" (cuz this is how we roll) Interviewing Tips that will help you become loved (not liked), memorable, and ultimately receive the job offer you want! You will ALSO get a bonus "Taking the Initiative After the Webinar" video on how to APPLY everything you will learn PLUS a link to the BEST resume resource on the planet with the BEST Whole Life Nurse discount! ($75 value right there)!

I am SO SO SOOOOOO excited to share this incredible, CAREER TRANSFORMING information with you!

While I can't guarantee that you will get 100% perfect results & outcomes from implementing this the education & tips in this webinar (because nothing is ever 100%), I CAN tell you that it has blown the mind of SO many other nurses who've applied it to their career and has been the reason I've gotten every job that I've ever applied for! (No, really)

So if you're ready to STOP applying for billions jobs and NOT getting the call back and you want to TAKE CONTROL OF THIS PROCESS AND LAND YOUR DREAM JOB INTERVIEW......


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You can snag this $230 VALUE coaching bundle in a webinar for $49 and join hundreds of Nurses NAILING down interviews for their dream nursing job!!!!!!!!!! YESS!!!

This 30 minute webinar PLUS all of the resources & bonuses above will transform your career! NOT KIDDING! Yup! 30 minutes of the most POTENT information that will almost GUARANTEE you landing an interview for your dream job and START taking control of your career and life! See you inside!

Your Instructor

Kelsey Rowell
Kelsey Rowell

Kelsey is a successful Nurse, Author, Blogger, Health Coach, and Wellness Business Creative! Her heart is helping other like-minded Nurses & Women succeed in growing businesses that allow them to make an income while making an impact doing what they truly love! Kelsey's expertise, experience, bright spirt, and passion for helping nurses make those powerful holistic shifts within their careers is what makes her coaching calls so powerful! Her insight, guidance, motivation, and heart for others is a true gift and you will leave FULL of motivation and ready to start taking actionable steps towards turning your passion into income STAT!

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