Building an Essential Oil Business On Instagram

IG Content & Stories That Sell!

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Instagram is a relationship game, and growing your Essential Oil business online is VITAL to your success in the Essential Oil world today! If you were like me, you probably started your essential oil business with what we call " a warm market." Those are the people close to us that typically buy oils from you first. After you reach out to those people, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep growing! While I 100% believe that growing a business in person is super powerful and effective, I do know that in the busyness of our lives, it's hard to get out, network, and teach in person every week! It's also defeating when we get a bunch of "no's" and feel we have no where else to look.

Well listen....What if I told you that you could make it a lot easier on yourself WHILE continuing to grow your business….EVEN IN YOUR SLEEP? Yes, girl. I'm all about having multiple areas to "cast my net" to grow my business WHILE making it easier on myself! It's all about your systems. This is why I decided to build online! Instagram has been an extremely effective platform to grow on and there is definitely a science when it comes to growing an Essential Oil Business there! If you've been contemplating diving into the Instagram game, but have been either scared or overwhelmed because you just don't know HOW to start, then guess what? I GOT YOU! In my "Building an Essential Oil Biz On Instagram" course, I'm about to break it all down for you SO EASILY so that you can get your IG game flowin' and off on the right track!

This course is for you if you are someone who is:

1. Already familiar with Instagram basics, but wanting to know steps to take and get started from scratch in growing an Essential Oil business online.

2. You are currently on Instagram with your oils, but you haven't had much success sharing online and you want to take your Essential Oil Business to the next level.

3. Or maybe you're wanting to start an Essential Oil Business on Instagram, but you don't know where to start and need some direction so you have a Plan of Action when you do!

What's in the course?

10 modules:

•Why Build On Instagram

•Branding - Creating a Unique and Engaging Brand That Stands Out in the IG Oil World

•Posting About Oils - How to Create BEAUTIFUL & Engaging Oil Photos/Posts That Grow Your Following & SELL!

•Personal Vs Business Account

•Instagram Stories & Tools- How to Create Stories that SELL!

•Hashtags- What are they, Why do they matter, & How to Use Them to your Advantage!

•Going LIVE- The How & The Why!

•Highlight Reels - How to Create Reels and an Automatic Sales System With Them (again, while you sleep!)

•Call To Action- How To Effectively "Call Customers To Act" & Create a System that Converts the Sale

*NEW* IGTV - How To Utilize For Classes & Demos!

•Putting It All Together- Consistency & Commitment


Bonus Video: How To Organically Grow your Following Weekly & Convert Sales AND How to Create Beautiful Bright BRANDED Essential Oil Photos from your home in 5 mins!!! No will blow your mind! ALSO Downloadable PDF's with Example Instagram Oil Posts to use as a resource, a list of my favorite and inexpensive picture editing apps, and example scripts for Call to Actions and Invites into the biz!

*Also, the cool thing about this course is that as Instagram changes happen all of the time, and some are important. I will be updating/uploading in this course any important changes that can affect businesses and sales! So once you've purchased this course, it's yours forever and I will be sending an email to notify of any changes, how to use them to your advantage, and how it can support your business! Cool, right?

I don't know about you, but ONE Essential Oil kit sale in my company would pay for the cost of this course. I know that is pretty comparable to other essential oil companies out there, too. ONE successful sale online using the information, tips, tricks, and knowledge shared in this course will have paid for this course! What if it brings 2, 3, or more?! What if you find BUILDERS to grow with you ALL over the globe? YES GIRL! I know this process works because it’s the same process I used to walk away from my job as a nurse within a year of starting my business! People thought I was CRAZY going this route, and now so many oilers are taking this approach because it WORKS! I’ve watched so many others succeed on Instagram (including those on my team) using my SAME info, education, & tips shared in this course! You don't need a giant following. You don't need a blog. You don't need any fancy skills. You simply need to watch this course, apply the material, and consistently dive in!

Are you ready to start stepping up your IG game and creating another market to grow your EO biz with?! I thought so. Get ready sister....this course will not only reignite your passion for essential oils and natural wellness, but it will allow you to tap into your inner creativity while creating another pathway for your business to THRIVE! YOU CAN AND YOU WILL DO THIS!

Let's dive in......


"This course was so helpful! The navigation of the site is simple and easy. I enjoy that I am able to listen to a 5-10 minute clip and come right back to where I left off! The modules are filled with great tips, information, and explanation as well. Personally I’ve learned that growing a business is not something that happens over night but I know I will see progress and growth with this course. I highly recommend to anyone considering growing an oil biz, learning about Instagram and the steps it takes to be successful! " - Carly M

"I loved the course! I really appreciated that the videos are clear and packed full of info PLUS the modules all have written examples to help enforce new ideas! So so great!" -Kelsey D

"Beautiful presentation, easy to follow modules, INCREDIBLE material/value for the price! If you've been trying to build on Instagram and haven't had much success in the past, this course taught me SO much! I wish I had it when launched on this platform months ago! It's given new energy and life with my oil business! Thanks Kelsey!" - Danielle D

'Kelsey’s e-course about building an essential oil business on Instagram will leave you feeling inspired to create a business that is uniquely yours. She has the essential oil Instagram business broken down to a science. If you ever wondered “What is the secret to starting your own EO business on Instagram?” Kelsey is here to explain exactly what you need in order to be successful in growing online. I was not surprised to see just how in depth she goes to explain the systems and tools needed to grow a successful essential oil business on Instagram. So great!" - Natalie

See you Inside!

Your Instructor

Kelsey Rowell
Kelsey Rowell

Hi there! I'm Kelsey Rowell! I'm Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach, Wellness Blogger at Whole Life Nurse, Instagram Influencer, and Essential Oil Junkee! Over the past few years I've grown my Instagram from 0 to almost 14,000 followers, but here's the deal. Don't let those numbers fool you. Instagram really isn't a numbers game contrary to what many think. It's a RELATIONSHIP & ENGAGEMENT game. If you want to truly succeed online with your oil business, it's all about slowly (but surely) building a valuable engaged platform. One where people are itching to see your posts daily because of the value you bring. It's all about what YOU CAN GIVE TO OTHERS and how you can help them and NOT the other way around. My heart and intention with this course is to help women tap into their creativity and potential, dive into the world of the (Instagram) unknown, and grow a THRIVING, BEAUTIFUL, and INTENTIONAL Brand and Essential Oil Business with my proven steps!

Course Curriculum

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  Why Instagram
Available in days
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  Branding - Creating a Beauitful & Unique Brand
Available in days
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  Personal Vs Business Account - Which One Do You Want/Need?
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  Hashtags - What are they, why they matter, and how do I use them?
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  Instagram Stories and Tools - WHERE THE MONEY IS AT!
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  Going Live - The When and The Why
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Available in days
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  Putting It All Together
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  BONUS - Growing An Organic Following and More!
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

(Disclaimer: This course is not affiliated with any specific essential oil company. This is simply my knowledge & experience being shared about Growing an Essential Oil Business on Instagram. All opinions are my own).

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