How To Negotiate As a Nurse!

Doesn't it suck when you go into an interview for a job that you're so excited to get and they call you letting you know that they loved and you are so excited to offer you the job.....and then they pitch you the offer and they completely LOW-BALL you?!

Or when you go for you yearly evaluation with your manager who tells you how to got marked "above average" on all of the hospital expectations, but your pay increase will be $0.40 because that's what all are receiving wit that rank, even thought you KNOW you bring so much more to the table.

It's incredibly insulting, right?

Here you are, an incredibly VALUABLE hard working nurse who comes to the table at a new institution with ALL of these strengths, credentials, and positive attributes that contribute to both the morale of your hospital and the positive outcomes/satisfaction with your patients, but yet you're offered a dollar amount less or equal to what you've been making.....

Doesn't seem fair, right?

Well, it's not. And I'm here to let you know that "that's just how it is" doesn't cut it for me and it shouldn't for you!

But listen......

Do you ever even think to negotiate as a Nurse?!

I know, that word kinda makes you uncomfortable, doesn't it?!

It used to make me too, until I learned some cold hard truths about what others were receiving in my profession!

For Nurses, we don't even think negotiating is in the question.

That it's even possible!

We're told at every job we apply to that they go by a "pay scale" and there's nothing they can do about it....

....but the truth is that the first offer a hospital gives to you 9/10 times is not the best that they can do!

Crazy, right?

"But Kels, that's what they told me!"

Yes, I know....but they tell you this so you DON'T counter.

They tell you this so you stop right there.

The truth is, nurses CAN negotiate.

I've negotiated at EVERY job I've ever had and found out 5 years down the road from my VERY first job that I was making almost $5 more an hour than the nurses around me who had the same amount of years of experience and expertise all because I asked and they didn't.

But here's the deal. There's an art to negotiating.

You can't just come to the table and demand you deserve to be paid and valued differently because you simply feel like you do.

I mean, you can do that but it probs won't get you very far!

You have to PROVE your value with objective evidence.


Just like we practice medicine based off of evidence, we do the same when we asked to have our valuable contribution honored too!

I did a poll recently amongst 13,000 nurses, and 71% reported that they didn't know you could negotiate in nursing. That seriously makes me so sad, but also excites because I know that there is so much room for growth and understanding around this topic!


Yup! I said it. I'm not afraid to either. Every other profession on the planet INCLUDING your doctors, managers, and CEO's are negotiating their pay and we are just as valuable and need to be doing the same!

But this is the problem. Once again, hospital recruiters will tell you all day long:

"We go by a pay scale" or "We use a grid."

You know what my response is every time?

"Well that's wonderful, but I go based off the value I bring to the table, the evidence to PROVE that value, and I will accept this offer if I can receive x, y, and z."

Most nurses respond with, " Oh, okay" after that response about the grid and I'm going to let you in on a secret.....

That's what they want you to do.

They want you to believe that it's not negotiable, it's not true.

Many times the first offer that a hospital gives you is NOT the best one they can give you.

But most nurses DON'T COUNTER OR ASK!

Theres a TON of insecurity around negotiating with nurses:

They're afraid to be seen as ungrateful in a public service profession.

They're afraid of "making a fuss."

They are naturally "peace-makers" and "care givers" and they struggle deeply advocating for themselves.

I could go on, but I want to let you in on a cold, hard, truth:

Negotiating is a HEALTHY boundary!

It's working WITH your hospital to receive value in return that is healthy and RIGHT for the both of you!

Negotiating is an art to help BOTH sides win! It's not about being a greedy, needy, nurse.

It's about being valued for the value you bring to the table.

You serve the hospital by being an EPIC and amazing nurse and they serve you by creating an offer that honors that value and keeps the relationship going in a healthy way that serves you both.

Think about it....

In your personal relationships and your friendships, aren't you both pouring into each other's cup?The minute one starts pulling away and you continue to give, that relationship becomes imbalanced and you have to make some changes or adjustments. Or if one becomes toxic and starts hurting you, you have to back away or express your needs.


Negotiation isn't just about money....

In my experience, I've negotiated more value with things like my schedule and benefits than I have with my hourly pay, but they are ALL considered value!

VALUE looks different for us all.

It can be flexible hours.

It can be No Sundays.

It can be "No call."

It can be "Shorter Vesting Period."

It can be "Full Time Benefits" for "Part Time Hours."

It can be buying out of a contract to start at a new job....YUP!

Value is SO MUCH MORE than just money!

And if you're bringing value to the table to your hospitals, you deserve to receive value back!

In this course you are going to learn:

•HOW to Negotiate As a Nurse - step by step what it looks like

•WHAT you can negotiate as a Nurse - it's WAY more than just money, sister!

•WHEN you can negotiate as a nurse - there are prime times in your career and many of you are in them RIGHT now!

•WHAT MAKES AN OFFER VALUABLE - it's not always money and it's what's right for you!


•Script on how to pitch negotiations & counter offers with recruiters ($50 value) - you will get a full example script on what to say when countering an offer and presenting what you want to negotiate! ($50 Value)!


• REAL LIFE Examples of what Nurses have been able to Negotiate in their Career This is going to blow your mind! SO many different stories! ($25 Value)!

This is a SELF-PACED course that you can access from your phone or computer. I've even uploaded the audio-file for you to listen on your way to work!

With this course, just pretend we're having an intimate long conversation about EVERRRRRYTHING you need to know about negotiating supported with the best resources to help you walk this out in your career!


No, really.....

This is a $500 value course for $79!!!!

If you negotiate and get $1 more an hour in your next review, new job offer, or in any of the circumstances I talk about in this course, based on a 36 hour work week, you will receive $1,793 more than you would have if you didn't negotiate all from this $79 course!

But let's be real, there's WAYYYYYYYY more value in it than just this!

I CANNOT wait to see you inside and help you take control of your CAREER & LIFE and START getting valued for the AMAZING nurse that you are!

Remember, the answer is ALWAYS know if you never ask....

I'm going to teach you how! Snag this course STAT if you're ready to SKILL up and start creating a career that you love with LESS STRESS, MORE MONEY (Value), and BETTER HEALTH!


"I negotiated my pay up $5 thanks to your negotiating class 🤗🙏 I definitely owe this change to you. The class helped me learn how to approach the topic, when, and what language to use around it. Thank you for your encouragement!" - Aly RN


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Kelsey Rowell

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